"Your calm and gentle guidance allowing me a safe space to root out fears and beliefs that are no longer serving me. This is something I have always pushed against in the past. I felt with you that it was safe to finally let go. I can’t thank you enough. It is a day I will treasure for the rest of my life."
Sandra, Telford
"Jackie is an incandescent light who introduced me to the peace which is present when one is in acceptance of what is real – what is here.  She is a very skilled practitioner, healer and nurturer who lives what she teaches with such joy."
Ross, Coventry
"If you are prepared to have an open mind and contemplate how you are really feeling about things you will benefit hugely by working with Jackie. She is a fantastic clarity coach."
Penny, Warwickshire
"She is inspirational in the way she works with you and allows you the space to answer your own questions, whilst at the same time you feel nurtured and supported throughout the process."
Debbie, Warwickshire
"I arrived in a mess, I left feeling well with a completely different perspective about my life and for the future. Thank you."
Mark, Warwick
"I want to tell you how I feel today : I feel as if a weight has gone from my shoulders. I did not even know that the weight was there so I only notice it because of its absence, and it feels good. In fact, wonderful. It feels wonderful. I feel wonderful."
Susan, Norwich
"Jackie is an amazingly gifted Clarity Coach who has helped me to find peace within myself. Her expert knowledge in using a valuable technique called “The Work” has successfully enabled me to transform my painful and negative thought patterns, and encouraged me to rethink them and to approach them with a more healthy attitude. Apart from being instantly likeable, she is always sensitive and caring and a pleasure to be with. After a session with Jackie you simply can’t fail to feel peacefully renewed and filled with a sense of positivity."
"From the instant that my eyes met Jackie’s my apprehensiveness disappeared – relief!I knew I could be myself and that my destiny to find peace could begin."
Andy, Leicestershire
"Jackie’s genuine love and kindness gives you courage to take your own journey in safe hands with a non-judgemental companion."
Gill, Coventry