Phone Consultations
If you’re thinking “I’d like to try this process but I’m not sure what it is and how it works” then I can help you with that!
You can now try it out for yourself over the phone or using Skype and experience the power of inquiry for yourself.
What’s involved?
Contact me to set up an appointment time and that’s it.
At the allotted time you will call me and I will work with you for half an hour on any topic you would like to see resolved in your life.
This will give you a taster of this process of inquiry for you to test drive for yourself, which really is the best way to appreciate how well it works.
So just ask yourself now…
  • What am I not happy about in my life?
  • What would I like to be be different?
  • Who upsets me? makes me angry? sad? resentful?
  • What do I need those people (that person) to do in order for me to be happy?
  • What advice do I want them to heed?
This process of inquiry can help you to decrease stress, alleviate depression, release more energy, improve relationships, reduce anger, increase mental clarity, and feel more peaceful. But don’t believe me, give it a try for yourself.
How does it work?
This process involves meeting your stressful thoughts with understanding rather than resistance, it will encourage you to focus on the stress itself (rather than avoiding or suppressing it) and as you unwind that stress you will find that you can tap into your own enormous resources of creativity, wisdom and insight. I find it so empowering to be able to use it to resolve things by myself and the many people I have worked with say the same. It’s a process that anyone can gain from, irrespective of age, gender or previous experience.
To make an appointment for your free, no-obligation telephone consultation contact me. I look forward to working with you.