Doing The Work of Byron Katie.…as a daily practice
  • Do you love the freedom you get when you do The Work?
  • When you realise for yourself what's true rather than believing all the stressful thoughts in your head?
  • If you do love it, then what stops you from doing The Work as a daily practice (as recommended by Katie herself)?
  • No time?
  • No need?
  • Got too much to do already?
  • It would just cause more stress?
This was what I believed until recently.
I would often go weeks and months without even thinking about The Work and even when something serious occurred, my mind's first response was often to plough straight in and try and resolve it all by myself (or rather with my ego)
Now, it's different.
I trust my inner wisdom so much more since I started to practice The Work every day.
My stressful beliefs don't even have time to take hold these days as the 4 questions and the turnarounds are alive inside of me.
So what if you could live like this too? What if you could give yourself the gift of the most exquisite self care that I know.
A peaceful place for your mind to live.
I recently read this line by Jim Rohn: "Take care of your body - it's the only place you have to live"
And it made me realise that in just the same way we need to "take care of our minds" because that's where most of us live these days!
But in my experience in our busy lives it's not easy to do that on your own.
So I've created a community called the 90 Day group and I would like to invite you to join us.
Together we will develop or maintain our daily practice of Doing The Work, keep each other accountable and nourish that connection to our inner wisdom as well as to each other.
Would you like to join us?
As a member of this '90 Day Community' you will benefit from the following:
  1. Personal guidance and support:
    • 1 x 15 minute check-in call with me once a week if needed, to help with any aspect of your Work.
    • Email contact with me for questions, clarification on any aspect of the Work, finding the right wording of a belief, turnarounds etc.
    • Group Zoom calls once a fortnight for community connection and to discuss some common topics and how the Work can help (recorded).
  2. Group Accountability:
    • Inclusion in a closed Facebook group for daily sharing, inspiration and motivation.
    • The opportunity to partner with other members to practice facilitation skills.
    • Increase your confidence with The Work, give yourself the time to uncover and resolve some long held beliefs at your own pace.
  3. On-going benefits:
    • Members' 10% discount off my coaching packages, workshops, and retreats.
    • Other activities/challenges - to be announced over the weeks.
    • Deepen connections and make new friends.
    • The chance to all meet up over the summer in person (venue to be decided).
  4. Dates and Investment:
    • Start date: Sunday 27th of May
    • End Date: 18th of August
    • Open to: Anyone who loves to do The Work and is commited to doing it daily / regularly.
    • Investment: 12 week membership @ £300 (paid at the start)
      Or @ £110 paid in 3 monthly installments via Paypal.

I'm really excited to offer this new group challenge and I hope you will join me.

If you have any questions please contect me here.

Please choose your preferred payment option below:

One-off payment £300
Three equal payments of £110